Ready to take a peak at the vibrant NJ brewery scene? Did you know how many local breweries are here in the Garden States? Ready for this? There are 🍻 123 licensed breweries: a large production brewery owned by an international beverage company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and 122 independent microbreweries and 19 brewpubs.

That is a lot of breweries which equals a whole lot of tasting to do! Are you up to the challenge?

Who knew we could explore New Jersey for days, months, or even years tasting beer and checking out the pub scene with some of the most unique breweries in the state?

I narrowed it down to 5 breweries worth the visit in the next few weeks (you know, for science and all) and I will keep adding more of these amazing breweries to the hot list.

So in the meantime, sit back, read, and sip if you have a beer close by, and let me know your thoughts or if you need more details on any of these fabulous spots.

Tapping into local reviews, brewery ratings, and, of course, the buzz from beer aficionados gave me the downlow on where to go. But hey, you know how it is – tastes can be subjective, so exploring them yourself is the best part! 🍻.

And, truth be told, ughhh I debated telling you this, I am NOT a beer girl. Beer is just NOT MY THING. I’m more of a sip a glass of wine kinda Jersey Girl.

I know my Jersey peeps love a good glass of beer, or a pitcher, for the table! Add a slice or a hoagie! Mangia!

So off exploring I went! (PS I have my husband who may just love beer more than he loves me, so as soon as I mentioned breweries, I had his help. I mean after all experimentation takes dedication and hard work to be the go to Realtor for all the 411 in Jersey).

So my fellow “Jerseyans”, (is that even a word)? When it comes to breweries in the Garden State, you’re in for a treat. Here’s my first list of some of the top breweries that you may want to check out.

In no particular order (the following reviews are courtesy of my hubby and his best friend). Oh, the sacrifices they are willing to make!

So sit back, relax, and let’s go boozing!!!

Kane Brewing Company (Ocean Township)

First on the tour of breweries, Kane Brewing Company in Ocean Township! This isn’t just a brewery; it’s a haven for beer enthusiasts seeking a taste adventure. Picture this – you walk into a spacious taproom, greeted by the inviting aroma of hops and the hum of excited chatter.

Kane is the maestro of variety, offering an impressive range of brews that cater to every palate. From their hop-forward IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers, each sip is a journey through craftsmanship.

The ambiance? Laid-back yet vibrant, making it the ideal spot to unwind with friends or delve into a solo beer exploration.

Kane Brewing Company isn’t just a destination; it’s a celebration of the craft, where every pint tells a story and every visit leaves you eager for the next chapter. Cheers to the art of brewing in the heart of the Garden State! 🍻

Carton Brewing Company (Atlantic Highlands)

Making our way to the Highlands, Carton Brewing Company in Atlantic is where creativity and craft collide, giving beer aficionados a reason to cheer.

Step into their world, where each brew is a testament to innovation and flavor mastery.

The taproom’s atmosphere exudes a laid-back coastal charm, setting the perfect backdrop for tasting their current lineup.

Carton is a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing, introducing enthusiasts to unexpected flavors and textures that keep them coming back for more. It is truly a unique spin on the average breweries you might find elsewhere.

Whether you’re into hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or experimental ales, Carton Brewing Company delivers a unique experience in every pint, making it a must-visit gem on New Jersey’s craft breweries map.

Here, every sip tells a story, and the story is always one of bold, delicious exploration. 🌊🍻

Magnify Brewing Company (Fairfield)

Heading to Fairfield? Get ready to have your taste buds do a happy dance at Magnify Brewing Company! These guys are the rockstars of craft beer, and they’re not holding back on the flavor party.

Imagine stepping into a chill space where every brew tells a story of hops and happiness. Magnify is like the mad scientist of breweries, always brewing up something new and exciting and often unexpected in a beer.

It’s not just a place to grab a drink; it’s a vibe, a community of beer-lovers both local and travelers looking for a little adventure and a whole lot of taste!

From hoppy concoctions to experimental delights, Magnify Brewing Company is your ticket to a flavor-packed adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer geek or just getting started, get ready to raise your glass you’ll be asking for another one at this North Jersey hotspot.

Cheers to bold sips and good times! 🍻✨

Cape May Brewing Company (Cape May)

Who doesn’t love Cape May anytime of year? From restaurants to shopping and who can forget this stellar stop on the New Jersey breweries tour, Cape May Brewing Company!

My husband and I couldn’t wait to check out this beachy paradise for beer enthusiasts, and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint.

(Okay, I lied, I just wanted to go to Cape May and I knew if I mentioned this Brewery I could make it happen, perhaps a little devious, but hey! It worked didn’t it?)

The hubby and his friend, our ever so willing participant in this day adventure snagged a couple of delicious draft beers, we found a cozy spot on their sun-soaked patio, and instantly felt the awesome coastal vibes. Talk about relaxing! We could have stayed there all day.

Cape May Brewing Company is the real deal when it comes to good times and great brews. From their refreshing ales to bold stouts, there’s something for every taste bud.

The atmosphere? Absolutely on point – laughter, chatter, and a feeling of beer-fueled bliss.

So, whether you’re a local or passing through, make sure Cape May Brewing Company is on your must-visit list of New Jersey breweries.

Cheers to sunshine, sea, sensational suds, and an atmosphere that’ll make you want to stay forever! 🌞🍻

Icarus Brewing Company (Lakewood)

Lastly, but certainly not least….Hold onto your taste buds, because Icarus Brewing Company in Lakewood is about to take you on a flavor rollercoaster!

My husband and I were practically counting the minutes until we could experience this brew haven, and let me tell you, it lived up to all the hype.

Imagine grabbing a pint of their unique and bold brews, finding a cool spot in their vibrant taproom, and instantly feeling the energy of Lakewood’s beer scene.

Icarus is like the maverick of craft beer, always pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable sips.

From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, they’ve got a brew for every mood.

Electric. Laughter, chatter, and the hum of beer-related excitement fills the room – it’s all part of the Icarus experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast chasing cool and eclectic spots and tasting beer from breweries across the Garden State or a first-time taster, Icarus Brewing Company is the Lakewood gem that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Cheers to bold flavors, good company, and an atmosphere that’s as vibrant as the brews themselves! πŸ»πŸš€

So there you have it- breweries in New Jersey really have it going on! From the coastal vibes of Cape May Brewing Company to the enchanting wonders of Magnify Brewing in Fairfield, these top 5 New Jersey breweries are just the beginning of our flavor-packed 2024 tour!

Stay tuned because, in the next blog, I’ll uncover the magic yet another top 5 breweries with my tasting partners in tow, we will make sure we report back and share with you what we absolutely love about these spots.

Do you remember how many breweries I mentioned were in the State of New Jersey? 132, so I can write blogs about Breweries for the next few weeks!🍻

Whether you’re a local looking for your next hop haven or a traveler ready to explore the Garden State’s beer scene, join me on this tour of breweries in and around the awesome state of NJ.

Grab a pint, savor the flavors, and let’s keep the beer conversation flowing.

Cheers to good times and great brews! 🍻✨.

If you make it to ANY of the breweries mentioned today please post and tag me on instagram @corisellsnj

I’m curious to hear all of your thoughts!

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