If you are looking for a realtor who knows every nook and cranny of Marlboro Township and surrounding areas, Cori Dunphy with RE/MAX CENRAL is the woman for you. Cori has lived in Marlboro Township for 8 years, Monmouth County for 48 years entire life and has been a realtor in for 18 years.

A few quick questions with Cori:

Q: How does it feel to be of service to the area you grew up in?

A: I just know it. I know what’s the best in everything in Marlboro. I know the area, the roads, the places to shop the backroads, the best places to eat in Monmouth, tricks to avoid traffic. I know where to send the kids to camp, where to order the best food from, or what supermarkets. My intense familiarity is an asset to my clients looking to purchase a home.

Q: What got you interested in real estate?

A: I have always loved it. I always loved looking at homes and was fascinated by it. How they were built, how decorated. I always knew I wanted to be in sales and I guess it just got put together. – It’s a job because I need to work but I am very good friends with every client I ever work with.

Q: What areas do you specialize in as a realtor?

A: I service all of Monmouth County, but I specialize in Marlboro Township and the adult community within Greenbriar. I love working with buyers and sellers. I love working with first-time homebuyers – I love that crazy exciting feeling when they find the perfect house.

Q: What do you do outside of real estate?

A: I currently live in Marlboro with my husband Sean who is an elementary school principal and my two boys, Max and Jake. If I am not selling real estate, I’m either on a soccer field or preferably traveling. I love to travel. I love all things Europe, I went abroad to Mexico and went to the University of Rhode Island. Family is the most important thing – my parents live a few miles away and I have twin sisters.

Q: What else should we know?

A: I run a page on Facebook – Pay it Forward – Monmouth County. And during the holidays, I always help families with their holiday wishlists. Last year through the group and my network as a realtor, I helped five families.

Q: What else should we know about you?

A: Hmmm Let’s see. If I’m not selling real estate what am I doing? Chances are I’m at a soccer field watching one of my boys play. I am in every true sense of the work, “A SOCCER MOM”. But there is more to me than just that. I love spending time with my family. If I am given a choice of anything to do in the whole world, that’s what I would choose. I am also addicted to the Hallmark Christmas movies, which yes, is very interesting for this Jewish girl, but I can’t help myself. I am also a Netflix junkie. Watching series with my family is another favorite thing for me to do.

When it comes time to basic other things I love to do and enjoy: Travel, anything beach-related, shopping for home decor are the first things that come to mind. I like to think of myself as just a fun mom, a good friend, and a GREAT wife 🙂