Adult communities are growing in popularity, ESPECIALLY in Monmouth County NJ. These 55+ communities offer security, minimal maintenance along with so many activities numerous amenities. Many even have full-time activity directors and offer a fun filled schedule of programs and events for residents. Some examples are: Clubhouses, Indoor and Outdoor pools, Tennis, Shuffle board, Bocce, walking trails, community centers, exercise facilities, golf courses and much much more!

In adult communities, residents are usually in the same place in life, having raised a family and worked hard for many years For many 55+ they are nowlooking to retire, relax and enjoy life. When you move to an adult community it is easy to find people with that share your interest, are at the same point of life.

The pros and cons of choosing an active 55+ community

When making the decision of whether or not an adult community if for you, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. And while the advantages seem to far outweight the disadvantages for many, this is a personal decision taht only you can make. There are however, a few important facts that you need to consider.


  • All very similar in age: Adult communities usually require a minimum of one person in the residence be at least 55 years old. This does cause a lack of age diversity. To some people this can be a negative impact. They prefer a community with people of all ages, including children.
  • Health care services are NOT included: Active adult communities dare not to be confused with assisted living or nurshinghomes. There are no doctors or nurses on the grounds. That does not mean that you can’t arrange for special care if you need it.
  • Many places don’t allow rentals and family members live in your home: Many people living in adult commnities, especially in New Jersey are snow birds. They only live up here 1/2 the year and spend our cold winters somewhere else, usually Florida. If you are only here 1/2 the year you may feel that it’s not a great investment.


  • Low- or no-maintenance exteriors: This is possibly the top selling point for people who choose an active adult community. After years of mowing, snow-blowing, raking, and painting, ditching exterior maintenance is very appealing! Many residents are downsizing from the home they raised their family in, and the smaller interior square-footage to keep clean is attractive as well.
  • Opportunities to make friends with other retirees: When you move someplace new, there’s something to be said for having a conveniently located group of potential friends. In active adult communities, residents are all pretty much in the same place in life, having worked hard for many years, raised a family, and now looking to enjoy a relaxed retirement, so it is easy to find people with whom you have much in common and wonderful friendships can result.
  • A quiet, mostly kid-free environment: While adult children and grandchildren are of course welcome to visit, the 55+ age requirement for residents means that active adult communities are usually nice, quiet places to live. Younger visitors are usually encouraged to be considerate of this expectation.
  • Amenities: An active adult community will provide you with many opportunities to get exercise, socialize, and stay spry into your retirement years. In addition to the aforementioned amenities like pools and fitness centers, these communities’ residents will often organize social events, affinity clubs, volunteer groups, and other ways to stay active and involved.

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