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Brielle is a borough located in southern Monmouth County, New Jersey along the Manasquan River.   Over the years the town has grown into a residential community with many of its inhabitants commuting to careers in New York. Locally, the main industry is still tied to the waterfront. The marinas host more than 200 commercial and charter fishing boats. Although there is no oceanfrontage here, visitors are only a quick drive or bike ride away from the beautiful beaches of Point Pleasant and Manasquan. Recreation lovers will enjoy the abundant fishing opportunities, as well as its nationally renowned golf course.  This wonderful area is only a mere 2.375 square miles. The town of Brielle has approximately 6.4 kilometers (4.0 mi) of waterfront along the Manasquan River, Glimmerglass, and Debbie’s Creek, all of which are saltwater and tidal.

Here, there are plenty of activities for the entire family.  With beaches less than a mile away from town and family amusement centers only a short drive away, there is every reason to make this fabulous town the center of your Jersey Shore year-round.

Brielle offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and coastal living. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes it a haven for those seeking a beachside lifestyle. The town boasts beautiful waterfront properties, offering stunning views of the Manasquan River and the Atlantic. As someone passionate about real estate, I can attest to the desirability of the waterfront homes, where residents can savor breathtaking sunsets and engage in water-based activities.

In addition to its scenic beauty, Brielle offers a tight-knit community that celebrates its history and traditions. The town’s tree-lined streets are dotted with historic homes, adding character to the landscape. Brielle is also known for its excellent schools, making it an appealing choice for families.

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Education and More!

Brielle School District

Monmouth County Park System

No matter where you live in Monmouth County, be sure to check out the Monmouth County Park System. From endless trails to playgrounds to historic sites, From Spray Grounds to Beaches, the Monmouth County Park System has facilities to suit the needs of all residents of Monmouth County. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall there are always activities available. The Parks System offers areas available for recreation, exercise, nature, and relaxation to visitors of all ages looking for enjoyment outdoors. 

The  Public Library

The Brielle Public Library claims to have been the first library in New Jersey to have offered public access to the Internet. between Brielle Park and Brielle Elementary School, the Brielle Public Library serves as a community center for the residents of Brielle. At the library, residents are reading the newest titles by their favorite authors, attend cultural and educational programs, and bring their toddlers to storytime. They are doing their homework, picking up a Friday night movie, and conducting research for a school project or personal interest. In short, Brielle Public Library offers something for everyone in Brielle.

Patrons of the library have free access to a vast collection of over 40,000 print books, audiobooks, e-books, and DVDs as well as 60 different magazines and newspapers. With numerous public Internet computers and free Wi-Fi access, many patrons rely on the library for access to a vast array of information. The library is a trusted source of information and provides reference services using 24 online databases and a vast print collection of encyclopedias and directories. In addition, as a member of the Monmouth County Library System, Brielle Public Library offers quick and easy access to an enormous collection of books and movies made available through the Monmouth County loan system.

The Public Library is open 6 days a week to serve the educational and recreational needs of the community. Visit our website at www.briellepubliclibrary.org to access the library catalog and program calendar, as well as learn about the Homebound Delivery program and other services that are offered at this Public Library. (wikipedia)