Weather in Monmouth County, NJ

Cori Dunphy
Published on September 7, 2019

Weather in Monmouth County, NJ

Are you curious about the weather in Monmouth County, NJ?  That’s what I’ll be talking about today, let’s get started! 

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In this Video, i’ll run though some of the average temperatures here in Monmouth County, and we’ll talk about precipitation, heat and snow.  Yup we do get snow here in Monmouth County. 

Alright, This is a great easy topic for me.   The weather in Monmouth County, NJ it’s fabulous.  Maybe not everyone would agree with me that we have fantastic weather right here in Monmouth County.  But what is it we do have? For me, the most important thing about Monmouth County weather is We have 4 seasons!  WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER AND FALL!  

As your Monmouth County Realtor®, I often get asked about the weather in Monmouth County and how it compares to the rest of the state.   

January on average is the coolest month of the year.   So, in January, our coolest month, the average high is 40°F, and the average low is 22°F.   

January is when we start to see many of our school aged children sleeping with their pajamas inside out and with pennies on their windowsills praying for a snow day from school.  

Enough about the coldest temperatures we get during the year, let’s talk about the heat and warm weather  we also get to experience here in Monmouth County and along the Jersey Shore. Our warmest months of the year are June – August, although lately we are truly getting to enjoy summer here in Monmouth County from April until the end of September.   The hottest month of the year in Monmouth County is July. The average high is around 85°F and the average low is 66°F. Please don’t be fooled. We see our share of hot, sticky and humid days where the temperature soars well about the 90’s. But is that really a bad thing?   When you live here in Monmouth County you can jump in the car and head down to one of the fabulous beaches!

Now let’s talk about precipitation in Monmouth County.  It can rain a lot here. The driest month is typically February  with an average of 2.91” of rain, and the wettest month is hands down July with an average of 5.03” of rain. 

  Did I mention how much I absolutely love living here l  I LOVE having my 4 seasons.

I want to say a big thank you to for their awesome stats that helped make this video possible.

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