The Monmouth County Park System

Cori Dunphy
Published on September 16, 2019

The Monmouth County Park System

The Monmouth County Parks are amazing.  But what should you do when you get there?  Join me today as we talk about the Monmouth County Park System. 

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From Thompson Park in Middletown to the Manasquan Reservoir, the Monmouth County Park System offers over 35 park areas to explore and enjoy!   

As your Monmouth County realtor I love showing off our amazing area and everything it has to offer.  Stick around to the end of this video and I’ll give you a chance to download my exclusive guide to all the different parks that make up the Monmouth County Park System. 

From beaches to playgrounds, from walking trails to boating options, the Monmouth County Park System has something for everyone.  Literally! No matter the season there is always something to do at one of these amazing parks.  

Snag your free guide to the park system here!

The parks within the Monmouth County Park System,  offer more than just pure beauty. They offer areas for exercise, nature exploration.  There are places for long or short walks, hiking, places you can go on bike trails. Places you can even stop to relax or just enjoy the scenery.   There is something within these parks for visitors of all ages who love to enjoy the outdoors.

All parks in the Monmouth County Park System are open from 7 a.m. – dusk and change seasonally or depending upon special activities in a park.  There are also 6 golf courses within the Monmouth County Park System and although I’m no golfer myself, I do hear there are some really great courses.  I’ll have a video coming out in a few weeks dedicated to the Monmouth County Parks Golf Courses, so stay tuned!

Deep Cut Gardens is a park with over 54 acres of gardens and greenhouses.  This park is truly magnificent with its 52 different varieties of roses. Another park in the system is the Henry Hudson Trail.  Check out this video I made all about the 10’ wide 24-mile trail that takes you from the top of Freehold all the way down to Sandy Hook.   

There is a park and program guide that comes out 5 times a year.  Each issue features a listing of all recreational programs and special events.  From pottery classes to nature walks, From Photography classes to Soccer Programs.  All of these programs are a great way to explore new interests or pick up a new hobby. Check the comment section below and I’ll give you a link to access their programs.    

I know when we think of parks we think of Trees, and grass and being outdoors,   playgrounds, and ponds. Yes the Monmouth County Park System has all that, but there is just so much more.  Besides the sheer beauty of all the parks, did you know you bn can you take classes in photography or cooking? Nature Programs or exercise classes?  How many of you knew the Park System offers day trips and getaways? This Fall there are trips to Vermont and New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, and More.  Yup, they even do Broadway shows.

But if your main goal of the Monmouth County Parks is to be outdoors walking, or biking.  Running or relaxing or hanging out with family and friends, These 35 plus parks are absolutely worth exploring.  

 I hope this video has got you excited about Monmouth County and just how amazing the park system is.  

As promised, if you would like your copy of the Parks that Make up the Monmouth County Park System, Then, simply click here!

 I also have a video about The Henry Hudson Trail and The Manasquan Reservoir, both are part of the park system, so feel free to take a peek. 

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