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Cori Dunphy
Cori Dunphy
Published on May 8, 2018

Sitting here in this quaint little Marlboro cafe style eatery enjoying a sweet and refreshing bowl of Acai, topped with granola, bananas, strawberries, and coconut flakes with a Nutella drizzle.  Nutella….yum!  Just one taste and l was sold on this bowl of playa goodness.

Who knew there was this little organic slice of heaven right in my own hometown let alone practically in my own backyard.  New to the Marlboro scene, Playa Bowls opened 9/14/17.  Let me just say our wonderful town was changed for the better that very day

While I sat there enjoying every bite of my Nutelloco Bowl I began to scan the extensive menu in search of discovering what my future selection would be. Check out the Menu Here!  This Nutelloco Bowl was so good, I couldn’t imagine what I’d try next.  What could be better than a coconut blend topped with Granola, Strawberry, Banana, Raw Cacao, Coconut Flakes and Nutella?  I couldn’t imagine anything could be.  I was wrong.  I spent the next few visits to Playa Marlboro treating myself to a new bowl of YUM each visit.  Every single bowl was truly amazing!

To my delight, I saw a wide variety of choices with cute little titles such as Pink Power, Pink Flamingo, Dragon Berry, “tropical coconuts, mangos, pineapples.  Every words reminds me of beach vacations with sand, sun, drinks and relaxing days.  If you close your eyes somehow you are immediately transported to the beach.  Need an escape to somewhere tropical and fabulous?  Stop in to Playa Bowls, and you are immediately transcended to a wonderful place that instantly reminds you of tropical getaways and sunshine!

Now, I find myself wondering who is responsible for bringing such deliciousness to my home town?  I had to meet this person, and thank them in person.   A taste of summer with organic, dairy- free and gluten free tasty treats all year round?  Could it really be?   Finally, I had my answer,  Rachele Moscato…. A single mom from Howell, who had worked in health care operations for over 25 years and began to feel the “burn-out”, as many do, after do after doing the corporate American grind.

This brave mom took the chance that many fear.  Who knew that  one email and letter of inquiry to the franchise, would become a life changing moment.  Rachele, has “organically” transitioned from the rat race of corporate life  into the comforts of participating in the feel-good service of beneficially goodness. 

To those who seek an alternative and filling meal that leaves you “guiltless”……..from green bowls, to coconut bowls, from banana bowls to pitaya bowls, and even smoothies and fresh juices, you are sure to find something that awakens your sweet spot.                                                                                                

Here at Plays Bowls Marlboro, you also receive a staff whose primary focus is on customer service. It seemed that many of the employees greeted the customers by name, knew exactly what they were going to order and always had a nice exchange of conversation with the patrons.  As I sat in the corner soaking in the environment, and of course snacking on a delicious bowl,  it became so apparent, this was so much more then just a quick place to run in and grab a treat.  To me, it was almost that same familiar place from many years ago, remember that show, remember that bar where the motto was, “where everybody knows your name”.  You guessed it, I almost feel like it’s the “Cheers” of Marlboro.  

Playa Bowls Marlboro is also a HUGE supporter and advocate for our local community volunteers.  All Police, Fire and EMT workers ALWAYS receive 10% off their orders, upon showing valid identification.  Way to go Rachele your support means a lot to the members of the Marlboro Community.

Robert, is one of the  assistant managers at Marlboro Playa Bowls Marlboro.  After sitting and talking to him, he assures us that this little gem gives him the peaceful comfort of an at home environment with co-workers who have  truly become family.  He also reiterates that Rachele has a way of “taking care of everyone, not just her staff, but all who walk through her door”.  I can say I agree 100% Rob, just based on my conversations with her!  Over the last few months I made it my business to quietly ask the employees what they thought about Playa and working there.  I don’t know how Rachele did it, but she should be proud.  The answers were all in line with each other.  “I look forward to coming to to work”,  “This is not just a job; these people are my family”, Rachele takes care of each and every one of us, “I can’t imagine working anywhere else”.  “The best decision I made was to joint this incredible staff”.  Joined by Robert is the other assistant manager, Kyle, who met Rachele several months before Playa opened and decided to leave Costco to help lead this spectacular team.

With doors that open at 8:00am and close at 9:00pm, Playa Bowls Marlboro definitely caters to the eclectic schedules to its patrons. I decided to pop in early one morning to see what the crowd was like.  I could NOT believe the amount of people coming in bright and early to either grab some breakfast, such as the oatmeal bowls, or a fantastic smoothie or juice. .  It is also important to note:  An online order can be placed with just a 20 minute wait time….. talk about service on all fronts!  I know that online ordering has personally rescued me as we are rushing from soccer game to soccer game.  Order is called in, my boys run it and within moments they are back in the car excited for the fabulous “bowl of goodness”.  Dare I tell them they are eating a healthy treat?  Nah, maybe I’ll keep that a secret!

From my experience here at Playa Bowls, I can honestly say, this is way more than just a simple eatery.  It’s an experience, a place to meet friends, and a chance to grab a “meal” and relax in one of their comfy chairs.  It’s an experience  that leaves you wanting more, and I guarantee as you are exiting Playa Bowls Marlboro, you are already planning your next visit in your head.  Trying to figure out when you can pop back in!

I promise you for those who have not encountered The Playa Experience, the Marlboro locations takes it even one step further.  Stop in, give it a try.  Let them know that you read this blog somewhere on social media. I would also like to mention due to the kindness of the owner Rachele, June is now “REALTOR APPRECIATION MONTH”.  Mention that you are a realtor.  Show your business card with photo or real estate license and take 10% off all month!

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