Thinking of moving to Monmouth County New Jersey?  Did you know there are over 50 municipalities to choose from? Finding the perfect town for your family can be a little overwhelming.

 In this video series, I’m going to cover some of the top towns here in the area and I’ll break it down into sections of Monmouth County to make it easier to understand and Navigate.  Let’s get started.

First, before we discuss the towns, Monmouth County is 665 square miles, with 472 square miles of land and 193 square miles of water. It is the sixth-largest county in New Jersey by total area.  There are some amazing towns here and today I am going to talk about what I think are some of the top towns in each section of the county.

 This week I’m going to focus on the Northern Part of Monmouth County.  There are about 10 municipalities here, and I’ll leave a list of what towns I’m talking about in the description box below.  

There are a few things you should keep in the back of your mind if you are contemplating a move to Monmouth County.  The first one is Monmouth County does come with a pretty hefty price tag.  Right now a single-family home that is 4 bedroom 2.5 bath is going to start in the mid $400’s and even that is tough to find, I’m seeing the majority of homes starting in the mid $ 500,000s.  If you shift your options over to a condo or townhouse maybe you’ll find something starting in the high $300’s or low $400,’s but even then many times those are 1 or 2 bedrooms at the most.  Remember you do have over 50 towns to choose from and the price points are as different as the personality of each town.  So just keep that in mind.  

Monmouth County also has some incredible incredible school districts.  In fact the majority of our schools here are ranked and receive notch ratings.  So if schools are important to you, that is another area you may want to do a little research on.  

One last thing before we dive into the towns, I’m sharing with you, my favorite or top choices of towns as well as what many people out there seem to be looking for.  That does not mean some of the other towns aren’t amazing as well.  It really does come down to personal choice and what each individual is looking for.   Not everyone is looking for the same thing when choosing a town.  If there is a town or area in Monmouth County that you are interested in that I did not mention, reach out and I’ll send some info your way!

Okay, let’s go.  These are in NO particular order.


Holmdel is a wonderful town right in the middle of Monmouth County, New Jersey. It’s known for its beautiful scenery, great community, and comfortable lifestyle. Holmdel covers about 18 square miles and has around 17,000 residents. It’s a perfect spot for people who need to commute to New York City or other nearby areas since it’s close to major highways.

Homes in Holmdel are not only beautiful, they come with a hefty price tag.  The median sales price is right around $1.100,000.   I guess that shows how desirable the area is. 

For shopping, there are plenty of options all along Hwy 35 with a wide variety of stores and restaurants.

The town is also known for its excellent schools, which consistently receive high ratings. Holmdel High School, for example, is frequently ranked among the top in New Jersey, offering strong academic programs and a variety of extracurricular activities. This makes Holmdel a popular choice for families who prioritize education.

On top of that, Holmdel has lovely parks and great attractions like Holmdel Park and the PNC Bank Arts Center, where you can enjoy concerts and events. Holmdel combines natural beauty with modern conveniences and a strong sense of community, making it an ideal place for families and individuals looking for a high quality of life in Monmouth County.  There is also a fabulous little farm located in Holmdel Park. Sitting on 9 acres is Historic Longstreet Farm.  It’s a great place to spend some time with your kids.  The workers dress in historic attire and you can pet the animals.  The best part, is there is no charge to enter!


Middletown is another fantastic town in Monmouth County, It’s one of the larger towns in the area, covering about 58 square miles and home to around 66,000 residents. Middletown’s location is perfect for commuters, with easy access to major highways, NJ Transit trains, and ferries to New York City.

The real estate market in Middletown is diverse, with home prices averaging around $894,000,  however, there are a range of options for different budgets, although the price here is still pretty high.  Shopping is plentiful, with many local shops, restaurants, and larger centers like Middletown Shopping Center and again there are plenty of restaurants and shops up and down Hwy 35 North.

Education is a strong point in Middletown, with its public schools consistently receiving high ratings. There are 16 schools in Middletown (not counting private).  Middletown High School North and Middletown High School South both offer excellent academic programs and extracurricular activities, making the town appealing to families.

Middletown also boasts beautiful parks and recreational facilities, such as Thompson Park and Deep Cut Gardens, providing plenty of outdoor activities for residents. With its blend of convenient commuting options, excellent schools, and a wide range of amenities, Middletown is a great place to live in Monmouth County.

Matawan / Aberdeen

Up next is Matawan and Aberdeen.  These are two closely linked towns in Monmouth County, often thought of together due to their shared services and community feel. Combined, they cover about 10 square miles and are home to around 26,000 residents. Their convenient location near major highways and the NJ Transit train station makes commuting to New York City and other areas easy.

The housing market in Matawan and Aberdeen offers a variety of options, with average home prices around $629,900, making it an attractive choice for different budgets. You can find some smaller homes and condos priced under the $600’s for sure.   For shopping, there are plenty of local shops, restaurants, and larger centers like Aberdeen Townsquare Shopping Center, providing a range of retail and dining options.  Matawan also has a cute little downtown area and they are really trying to revamp it and new restaurants, coffee shops, and even some brand-new condos and townhomes.  

Education is a highlight in these towns, with the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District receiving good ratings. Matawan and Aberdeen do share a school district and there are 7 schools total.  Matawan Regional High School is well-regarded for its academic programs and extracurricular activities, making the area popular with families.  

Residents also enjoy access to beautiful parks and recreational facilities like Cliffwood Beach and Matawan Creek, offering plenty of outdoor activities. With their strong sense of community, good schools, and convenient location, Matawan and Aberdeen are great places to live in Monmouth County.


Up next is the town of Hazlet.  That’s the town that I spent my entire childhood in, and I grew up living in Raritan Valley, or, “the valley” as it was often referred to.  Hazlet is a smaller town with about 5.6 square miles and is home to around 20,000 residents. Its location near major highways and the NJ Transit train station makes commuting to New York City and other areas pretty easy.  

The housing market in Hazlet is diverse, and I mean really has a wide range.  You can find a home here in the high $400,000’s, but the past few years have not only seen price increases there has been some new construction built here where homes are now selling in the $800’s.  So Hazlet does offer options for a range of budgets. The location of Hazlet also allows for plenty of shopping, supermarkets, local restaurants, and more.  

Hazlet takes pride in its strong educational system. The Hazlet Township Public Schools are well-rated, and Raritan High School is known for its solid academic programs and various extracurricular activities.  There are 8 schools in total making up the district and overall Hazlet receives a B+ rating.  

The town also features beautiful parks and recreational facilities, such as Veterans Memorial Park and the nearby Holmdel Park, providing plenty of outdoor activities for residents. With its good schools, convenient commuting options, and a strong sense of community, Hazlet is a wonderful place to live in Monmouth County.

So there you have my 4 towns in Northern Monmouth County.  These are just the 4 towns that I chose to highlight today because not only are they some of my favorites, they are extremely popular with people moving into our area.  

Now I left out some other amazing towns like Keyport and the Highlands and Atlantic Highlands.  I promise you those towns are fabulous as well and I will cover those in another video in the near future. 

If you are interested in more information about any of the towns I covered today in Northern Monmouth County or even towns I did not you can reach out anytime.

Thanks for joining me this week and I’ll catch you on the next video when we cover the Western part of Monmouth County!