Mold Inspection – Should You Get One?

Cori Dunphy
Published on December 1, 2018

Mold Inspection – Should You Get One?

We’re going to start by answering the question, “Mold Inspection – should you get one? YES!  The truth is that mold is nothing to take lightly.  Black
mold can cause health issues regardless of the health of the individual; an ispection is money well spent. 

When you consider those with compromised immune systems, the very
 young or old, mold becomes even more serious.  Mold inspections are an  way to ensure your new home is safe for you, your family and your  guests. A mold inspection is more complicated than a simple home inspection.  
While home inspectors can check for water leaks, identifying the presence of mold  is a much more complicated thing to identify.  A certified mold
inspector can use a variety of methods to identify the presence of
mold. One of the most effective is the use of mold sniffing dogs. Dogs specially trained to detect the scent of mold which could be embedded
 in walls or floors is just one of the ways certified mold inspectors  discover health-compromising mold.  Other methods include moisture detectors and
 pin-hole sampling. Either way, the mold inspector will take a sample to 
determine the presence of mold.  Mold can cause serious health issues in 
 both healthy and health-compromised adults and children.  A few extra
dollars spent during the inspection timeframe is monye well spent, I promise you!

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