Leaving NY and moving to NJ

Cori Dunphy
Published on June 22, 2020

Leaving NY and moving to NJ

Time to leave Manhattan?   It seems the majority of my clients are from New York.  More specifically Manhattan and….. Staten Island.   Let’s explore why New Yorkers are making their way out to Jersey!

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As your Monmouth County Realtor® I am seeing a TON of people looking to relocate from New York to Monmouth County.  But what is it exactly that is driving the large number of families out here to Monmouth County and especially to Marlboro Township?

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So let’ s get started with the top 5 reasons New Yorkers are heading to our area:

#1: Housing Prices

The median price of homes currently listed in Manhattan is $1,550,000 while the median price of homes that sold is $945,500. So let’s take a quick peek at what you can buy in New York City vs What you can buy in oh let’s say Marlboro Township at the same price.  

Right now you can buy 350 W 57th St Apt 7B.  Asking price is $1,495,000.  This is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath home at 1,200 sq feet.  Listen, it’s a really really nice home, but it’s only 1 bedroom. I mean seriously my closet is bigger then the entire apartment.   So what exactly can you can get out here in Marlboro Township, in that same price range.  Take a seat everyone, this is going to blow your mind.    260 Deerfield Rd,  in Morganville was just listed by Brian from Century 21 Mack Morris.    Do you see a big difference between these two buying options?  I mean I don’t even know what to say.

It’s totally crazy!  This alone should be enough reason for you to want to leave NYC and head down to Monmouth County, but i’ll continue anyway!

#2: Property Size

I mean this is really a no brainer.  The majority of people who live in the city or even in some places like Brooklyn or Staten Island.  Their property is not really all that big.  A quick and easy reason to head out to the burbs is for property size.  If you are longing for a large piece of land to call your own.  Monmouth County May be the perfect spot for you.  I mean look at some of these yards right here in Marlboro Township.  Not too shabby are they?

#3: HOA Fees

What even is an HOA?  HOA  is short for Homeowners Association.  HOAs are typically incorporated non-profit associations of homeowners that create and enforce Bylaws.  All of these items are put together in one, big, long document, that basically acts as the HOA’s bible.  It dictates what the homeowners can and cannot do with their property, what the HOA is responsible for, and a ton of other information that impacts the homeowners. 

When talking about Manhattan, HOAs are generally responsible for the upkeep of the building in which your apartment is located. They often place restrictions on things such as when you can move in or out and whether or not you can rent out your unit. In many listings, these will be referred to as “maintenance fees” or “common charges” and the average monthly expense is around $1,500. These fees are paid in addition to your monthly mortgage payments.

So as you know, the majority of people live in buildings in NYC so you can assume 99% of them are paying HOA fees. 

 Now we do have HOA fees here in NJ, in fact i’ll be doing a whole video on that subject over the next few weeks, so keep a look out.  However, HOA fees ONLY apply to very specific town houses, condos and a few gated communities.  Here in Marlboro Township we do have a few single home developments that pay a low fee of around $400 a year and that gives them use of a pool club during the summer.  

So if you are leaving the big apple and heading for burbs and are  buying a single family home, chances are you will not have that crazy monthly payment of HOA / Maintenance fees.

#4: Less Densely Populated

I hear time and time again that although people LOVE living in the city, it’s just too crowded all the time.   New York has the highest population density of any major city in the United States, with over 27,000 people per square mile.  Now compare that to, oh let’s say Marlboro at 1,323.7 people per square mile.  ENOUGH SAID.  If you are feeling a bit overcrowded, you may want to look at homes here in Marlboro New Jersey. Not to mention.  New York City, although it is the city that NEVER sleeps, it always feels so dark and dingy to me.  So many tall buildings all over the place the sun doesn’t get to shine.  If you crave that warm sunshine on your face, maybe city living isn’t always the very best way to go.

#5: Fabulous School System

So to be honest, I don’t know all that much about the NYC public schools so I can’t really speak too much about them.  But I do know that Monmouth County has some pretty darn good school systems.  I’ll even leave you a link on the description box so you can check out the different districts yourself.  You will notice immediately just how high many of the districts in Monmouth County Rate.  I did do a video all about the Marlboro school district and you may want to check that out as well!

#6: It’s Just More Peaceful

People are often tired of the crowds in New York, the fast paced lifestyles, overwork, and stress. New York does offer very  modern city life, New Jersey offers the same but there are just way more peaceful moments. Monmouth County gives you more time to relax, enjoy nature and outside activities than New York. It’s just slower and more peaceful.

Keep in Mind our beaches.  You can hit the beach even after a day at work, just walk and clear your mind.  Oh and side note, NJ is considered to have more beautiful beaches than NY. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in NJ, But with way more affordable prices! You don’t need to have a high budget to go to dinner.  

It seems some people from the city are getting tired of the super fast lifestyle and they are longing for a more peaceful alternative. That’s why New Yorkers move to NJ.

And as mentioned the cost  of living is lower in New Jersey, so people are less stressed about paying bills and saving money.  

So there you have it 6 pretty good reasons to consider a move out of New York and down here to Marlboro Township located in Monmouth County New Jersey.  Come down and visit, I would love to help you explore your options.

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