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Cori Dunphy
Cori Dunphy
Published on March 31, 2018

New to the Marlboro, NJ scene is the Casual Korean Fusion & BBQ restaurant called BULBAP GRILL.  Owners Jeff and & Julie Choi have really given Marlboro, NJ something special with this newest addition to the restaurant scene.  Jeff, who spent over 20 years in corporate America, wanted to make and create fabulous cuisine and also get the opportunity to use his creative side a bit more.  Let’s just say, I am personally glad he did.  Due to the popular growth of Korean Food, BULBAP GRILL combines fabulous Korean flavor with healthy and cultural food!

BULBAP GRILL gets its name from the Korean word Bul meaning ‘fire or spice” and Bap meaning rice.  This quick serve and casual restaurant offers delicious traditional Korean Food, along with Korean BBQ.   All meats and marinades from BULBAP GRILL are the flavors and tastes that Jeff and Julie grew up with.  These are family recipes and traditions that we are now lucky enough to get to enjoy!  Nothing at BULBAP GRILL is fried EXCEPT the fabulous -and I mean fabulous- buffalo wings.  You can order wings in 6 or 12 pcs, OR 12 or 24 boneless nuggets.  These are NOT your traditional flavors.  The wings are offered in Soy Garlic, Hot🌶️ or Yangyum🌶️ ( a sweet and tangy flavor)  (photo to the right is Bul Dak Fondu Super spicy chicken served with melted cheddar, monterery and mozzarella cheese). 

The DOLSOT (stone pot) is a popular popular choice.  Choose your protein and it is served with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, soy bean spouts, and zucchini.  What makes this dish so special and tasty is the way the rice is prepared.  The rice is cooked in a stone pot and that makes it crispy -adding fabulous flavor!

After sitting down with the owner, I tried the Bulgogi bowl.  It was a traditional Korean ribeye rice bowl with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, zucchini over rice.  It was AMAZING! I seriously give this dish a 10.  It was priced perfectly for a hefty-sized portion.

BULBAP GRILL offers an in-house dining option, take out and delivery.  Currently they are delivering locally within a 2 mile radius but hope to expand by the early summer.  You can check out their site at www.BulbapGrill.com. You can go right online and place your order for pick up and or delivery.  The hours are currently 11:00am – 9:30pm 7 days a week, however please check back during the summer when they will be offering extended hours.

Ah, before I forget…I want to mention the Bingsoo (shaved ice). This is a popular favorite -especially with the little ones. Flavors are Strawberry, Sweet Red Bean, Chocolate, Green Tea, and Mango.  These flavors change often so please call ahead if you are hoping to end your dining experience with a fabulous and fresh dessert!

Side note:  Many of the people I have spoken to have not tried Korean food and really had no idea what to expect.   I was guilty of thinking Korean meant spicy, so for many years, I stayed away.  Well I’m not too proud to admit I was 100% wrong! BULBAP GRILL does offer some dishes with spice, and the owner also said they can tweak certain dishes according the what the customer likes or dislikes.  So seriously, throw away the old school myths of what you think Korean food is like and give this INCREDIBLE new addition to Marlboro, NJ a try.

It’s always wonderful to support local businesses and The owners of BULBAP GRILL make it a pleasure to give my patronage to.

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Bulbap Grill is located at 280 Rout 9 N Marlboro, NJ 07751 (732 617 1000)


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