Top 13 School Districts | Monmouth County NJ

Cori Dunphy
Published on March 28, 2022

Top 13 School Districts | Monmouth County NJ

Thinking of moving to Monmouth County NJ?  Do you have children that are going to require using the various school systems here?  Can you imagine if you make the move and then boom, you find out the school system you are in totally sucks?

Within moments of working with new buyers here in Monmouth County, these come up…….

What is a good school? What is the very best school district? Where do your kids go to school?  Would you send your child to that school?

I read on Facebook that such and such school is awful and I heard that such and such school district is amazing.  What are your thoughts? 

Now trust me, I have my opinions on the subject and some of them are quite strong. I mean do you know me, I have opinions on just about everything.  

But the National Association of Realtors® is VERY strict and clear on this subject.  I can not say this is a great school, or this school isn’t so good.  I know this sounds totally crazy, and I’m not going to say I disagree, but the NAR considers this to border on what is known as “Steering”.  For those who may not understand what that means,

Steering is influencing a buyer based on things that go against the fair housing act.  Like race, religion, family status, disability, and national origin.  

So If I tell you this is a great school district it may influence you to look in that specific town.  Or If I tell you, that’s a pretty low-ranking district that may steer you away from buying a home in that area.  And this believe it or not can be misconstrued as discrimination.  

The truth is, even though I have been selling real estate in Monmouth County for over 15 years so I do know the different school systems, what I may think is an amazing school district you may not.  What is important to me in education may not be the same as what’s important to you!  

So when you ask a local realtor about the specific school districts in an area, the correct answer here is for them to direct you to another source., school digger, or

So today I’m going to be giving you a list of the top 13 school districts in Monmouth County 2022 based on niche and school digger.  These are in no special order, but as a district comes up often in Monmouth County’s Top 13    Stick around to the end and I’ll give you a few important things to consider when choosing a school district for your family!

  • Holmdel Township School District
  • Marlboro
  • Manasquan School District
  • Wall Township Public School District
  • Matawan / Aberdeen Regional School District
  • Middletown Township Public School District
  • Rumson School District
  • Little Silver Boro School District
  • Oceanport School District
  • Colts Neck Township School District
  • Manalapan Englishtown Regional Schools
  • Millstone Township School District
  • Fairhaven School District

Now, remember, when you are looking for a home and a school district you have to do a little bit more research.  There are a few factors you really need to consider.  These rankings are grouping a school district as a whole.  You may want to consider researching the specific schools your children will be zoned for.  

And Yes, I know this week’s video is about telling you to go to these 3rd party websites to do research, but you know what, they are not always giving the whole picture and they are not always accurate, Yup I said it.  

Before making a decision, you should visit the school to meet the admins and gather more detailed information.  Here are a few questions you may want to ask:

  • What are class sizes and setup at the school
  • What are the programs that are in place for students with special needs or learning disabilities
  • What are the schools hours
  • Is bussing offered in the district
  • What type of technology does the district use
  • What honor or AP courses are offered in the district
  • What is the districts retention rate

Remember the very best way to gather information about, well almost anything, is to ask others.  Look on Facebook, look for a local page.  Ask questions.  But always keep in mind, as with anything in life we all judge things differently and all have our own opinions.  “Very Strong Opinions”.

So go with your gut.  Do as much research as you can, and you’ll just know when you find the right district and area for you and your family!

Thank you so much for watching.  If you have any additional questions about the Monmouth County area or are looking for information on a specific town, Just reach out.  I’m Cori with RE/MAX CENTRAL and I’ll catch you on the next video!

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