The One Small Town In New Jersey That Transforms Into A Terrifying Halloween Wonderland

Cori Dunphy
Published on October 6, 2018

The One Small Town In New Jersey That Transforms Into A Terrifying Halloween Wonderland

Clinton is a charming little town on the Raritan River with a lovely shopping area, scenic views, a historic village, wonderful restaurants and an art museum. It’s a fantastic place to visit but, once a year, it becomes a nightmare.

Home to around just 2,700 residents, this picturesque town is perfect for a springtime stroll but everything changes each autumn.
Red Mill Village is the heart of the town, housing the Red Mill and several surrounding buildings including a schoolhouse and carriage sheds.

A lovely place to learn about New Jersey’s milling history, it’s important to remember that milling was once very dangerous work. The site is said to be haunted.
With little to no safety measures in place, workers were often maimed or killed and there are numerous stories (some verified) of untimely deaths surrounding Clinton’s Red Mill.
Stories tell of a mill worker who fell into the third floor hopper and suffocated to death. Others mention a young boy who lived on the property that was cleaning a revolver when it discharged. Still more say the spirit of a young girl whose father worked at the mill often comes to visit.
Though the spirits slumber much of the year, they come out in full force throughout the month of October.
The Red Mill Village transforms into the Haunted Village and you’ll find floor after floor of twists, turns, ghouls and zombies.

The dead are rising and you’ll need to run for your life, but the real scare starts to set in when you learn…
Visitors often report appreciating the period actor on the mill’s third floor, bringing the 1800s to life. The mill does not employ costumed actors.

The Red Mill is located at 56 Main Street in Clinton. This year’s fun begins on Friday, October 12th. “Get ready to ‘Run For Your Life’ with new attractions that will trigger all your fears.” After making it out of the Red Mill Museum alive, you’ll be taken on a hayride deep into the woods. While the event can be a bit too spooky for little ones, there are kid-friendly “happy haunts.” Lights are left on and kids can enjoy additional attractions like face painting. For more spooky fun in New Jersey, check out this haunted hike.

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