Pizza Near Me, Pizza Marlboro, NJ

Cori Dunphy
Published on October 26, 2020

Pizza Near Me, Pizza Marlboro, NJ

Pizza in Marlboro NJ

If you are a new homeowner in Marlboro, New Jersey,  Or even a current resident like myself, you may be wondering where the best place to get a good pizza may be.  There are several pizza places in Marlboro and yes, some are better than others!  Trust me, I know my pizza.  Truth be told, I could eat pizza everyday for lunch and dinner and be very happy!  

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So in no particular order, behold the best 5 places to grab a slice of pizza in Marlboro Township, NJ…..

Dusal’s Marlboro Pizza

First up is Dusal’s Marlboro Pizza which is solidly a top favorite spot in town known for fantastic service, delicious food and wine as well as reasonable pricing.  99% of the time, it’s referred to as Marlboro Pizza.  I didn’t find out until just recently that the True name is Dusals.  Being a casual venue doesn’t detract from its deliciousness as this restaurant holds near five stars in most online reviews and serves up a variety of pizza and Italian food to locals in Marlboro. From a menu of cheesesteak sandwiches to pizza rolls, to specialty pizza to pasta to mussels and more, Dusal’s Marlboro Pizza is extensive and offers some of the best Italian food in the area. Marlboro pizza offers a casual pizzeria style side as well as a true sit down restaurant on the “dusals side”.    Let’s just say the pizza is quite yummy at Marlboro Pizza.  

Red Tomato Urban Pizzeria

Equally delicious is another local favorite called the Red Tomato Urban Pizzeria.  Red Tomato is where chef inspired Italian fare meets casual dining. Known for a wide variety of gourmet slices and reasonable prices, Red Tomato opened in 2017 and quickly earned a spot as a local favorite with high quality pizza. Located right off the corner of Rt 520 and Rt 79, Red Tomato prides itself on only using the best ingredients, with fresh meats delivered daily by Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, tomatoes from Italy as well as imported cheeses. A specialty menu item includes Nutella calzones and pizzas as well as cannolis in addition to a large menu of custom pizzas. Some of the favorites are the white clam pizza, to the truffle mushroom pizza and all the others in between.  The Vodka sauce pizza, and ziti pizza, not to mention the buffalo chicken pizza.  The list of pizza options goes on and on and on.  Yes, i’m not going to lie, I’ve tried almost all of them!  If you’re looking for a great place to feed the family or meet up with friends, Red Tomato is a place here in Marlboro not to be missed!we’l 

Tomato & Basil

Next up, new to the Marlboro Pizza scene is Tomato & Basil.   If you are looking for another option for delicious pizza, add Tomato and Basil  to your list of pizza places in Marlboro to dine out at. If you have been missing some of your favorite pizza places in New York, then Tomato & Basil is a definite stop in the Marlboro area. Tomato & Basil has salads, subs and pizza primarily but the family feel paired with the Brooklyn style NY Pizza is what makes this place a favorite. Marlboro residents from the city will fall in love with the taste of this place as its a slice of Brooklyn all while staying at home in Marlboro. 

Pizza Pasta Factory

Next up is  The Pizza Pasta Factory.   Located on the corner of Rt 79 and Ryan Road, Pizza Pasta Factory offers  takeout, delivery and catering with a lengthy menu of specialty pizzas, sandwiches and more.   This is not the spot to go for sit down dining!  Many, many options of delicious Italian food at the Pizza Pasta Factory which is also a near five-star restaurant with great prices and large portions.  So let’s talk about these specialty pizzas for a moment. 

  • Baked Ziti Pizza     
  • Chicken Parmigiana      
  • Chicken Marsala Pizza     
  • Chicken Scampi Pizza      
  • Barbecue Chicken     
  • Buffalo Chicken      
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Pizza      
  • Cheesesteak Pizza
  • Chicken Vodka Pizza      
  • Fettuccine Alfredo Pizza     

And that’s just some of the gourmet pizza they offer.  I mean is there a single one there that doesn’t sound delicious?

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Last but not least is Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. The flavor of everything in this restaurant comes from the unique coal-fired pizza concept, offering up a different way of cooking pizza for a flavorful meal. Right off Highway 9 and Newman Springs Road, Anthony’s is conveniently located with sit down options as well as takeout, delivery and catering. 

Made in a 900˚coal fired oven the crust at anthonys is like none other.  They offer your traditional pizza but also offer specialty pies like:  A square margherita, A white pie, An arugula pie, and many more.  They have amazing sandwiches and salad, and don’t miss the jumbo chicken wings with caramelized onions…. mmmmmmmmmm

And there you have it – five of the best pizza places in Marlboro, New Jersey. As a native to the area, these are my go-tos on a regular basis to feed the family delicious Italian food and pizza in Marlboro, New Jersey. 

So tell me, does all this talk have you thinking about grabbing a nice hot, out of the oven slice?  If so, try out one of these top 5 places here in Marlboro Township and let me know your thoughts.

I’ll see you next Monday!


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