5 Tips to Get Your House Ready to Sell Quickly

Cori Dunphy
Cori Dunphy
Published on April 15, 2018

Putting your house on the market this Spring?  Well I’m here today to show you 5 quick and easy tips that’ll cost you almost no money and you’ll have that house ready to sell in no time!  Ready, Let’s Go!  I’m Cori Dunphy with Monmouthcountydreamhomes.com  and we are getting ready to learn how to stage your home quickly to sell.

The most important thing is the first impression that a homeowner gives off to potential buyers.  So let’s start. 

Tip #1 CURB APPEAL.  This is the very first impression your home gets to make on all those potential buyers.  You want them to be interested the very moment they drive up.  Here are a few quick things you can do to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

  • Power Wash Siding and Walkways
  • Clean those windows, especially the front windows
  • Mow the lawn if it needs to be cut

      (For those of us living in NJ and especially Monmouth County, with the type of weather  we’ve been having, not quite sure we’re ready for the lawn mower yet, but just try and be sure that your lawn looks as good as it possibly can, considering the time of year. )

  • If you have a porch try to repaint or stain it.  You want it neat and clean. Plant flowers in the ground, or hang them or place them in pots!

You want to add as much color as you can so when somebody drives up to your house and walks in the get that fabulous first impression. 

Welcome your visitors with an inviting porch.  Even if you only have a small stoop, be sure you have out a clean doormat and make it welcoming all who are coming to view your house.  If there’s room put out one or two pieces of furniture and always remember to leave your front light on especially at night, for those people who cold be driving by and notice that the house is for sale! 

Tip #2 GET YOUR HOUSE SPARKLY CLEAN, and I don’t just mean a quick dust and put some stuff away and hide it in the closet.  I mean we are going to clean this house from top to bottom.  From shining floors and gleaming windows to clean countertops and scrubbed grout, each and every surface of your home should sparkle.  This is by far the easiest… well maybe not the easiest, but certainly the most inexpensive way to help your home look its absolute best! You may even want to consider hiring a pro to come on in and do some of the really tough cleaning and scrubbing for you.  Especially if you have a large house!


Tip # 3 CLEAN AND CLEAR AWAY ALL THE CLUTTER.  No if’s ands or buts, it is time to get rid of things truly that you’re no longer using.  You can break your house down into three different sections:  Trash, Treasure and Donate.  Try to go through and purge as much as you can and please don’t forget about the closets.  Potential homebuyers are going to open up every door in your house and if they open up a closet and they see that it’s jam packed, it could possibly give off the impression to them that you don’t have enough room to store things. 

Try and strike a balance between clean and lived in.  I know, I just told you to declutter and get rid of almost everything that you rent using anymore.  But now it’s time to bring a few elements back into the house to help give it that special feeling.  For example, farmers produce you can sit in a basket on the counter, or some fresh lemons next to the sine or even put a nice arrangement of flowers on the dining room or kitchen table.  These are all important and I promise you potential homebuyers take notice of all the small details.

Tip #4. This tip is 2 part.  What I want you to do is REARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE.  When somebody is coming to look at a house, what you are selling to them is space. You want to use every room to the bet way you possible can.  That brings me to the second part, meaning if you use that fourth bedroom just to store things and do laundry this is not the time for that and you want eery room in your house shown to maximize the potential of what that room is for.  Bedrooms should show as bedrooms, a family room should be a family room, a dining room should be shown as a dining room.  Again, when somebody is out looking, although they do take notice of all the small details in your house space is the most important thing that they’re looking for.

Okay here was are already Tip #5.  This is really easy one.  ODORS.  Nobody wants to open a front door and be created with that overwhelming smell of dog, cat , awful cooking.  Cigarettes, these are a huge huge huge thing we need to address. First of all, if you are thinking of putting your house on the market and you are a smoker, I would give yourself a couple of weeks to start smoking outside!.  That is a very tough smell to get out of a house.  As well, if you are a pet owner.  We all love our pets, they’re part of our family, but sometimes they can tend to stink.  So take the time to use air freshener, buy candles that you can light prior to a somebody coming to see your home, but please please please don’t forget about smells.

So there you have it.  It was quick and easy and shouldn’t cost you that much money.  So lets just do a quick recap!

  • #1 keep in mind when I say curb appeal that can include the outdoor areas as well, meaning your backyard.  Everything outdoors should look the best that it can!
  • #2 Sparkly sparkly clean.  You want to get that shining.  Every surface need to look the very best.
  • #3 Declutter.  Everything in your house should be in it’s proper space and you don’t want to have things out that you no longer need or use.  Don’t forget about the closets! Buyers are going to look at them!
  • #4. Your furniture!  Be sure your house is set up with the furniture to show it’s maximum potential.  You don’t want to waste any of your space or show rooms in a way that they are not really used.  You’re going to have to take that third bedroom, it can no longer be a storage closet.  You want to show it as a bedroom!
  • # 5 Be sure to have your house smelling as sparkly clean and yummy as you possibly can.  Yankee Candles are a favorite among people.  They have a great scent so light a candle before anyone comes to see your house!

So there you have it.  Pretty quick and easy like I said and it should cost you almost NO money. 

The above article was written by Cori Dunphy a Leader in Real Estate in Monmouth County.

Cori can be reached via email at [email protected] or by phone at 732-213-0325. Cori has helped many people buy and sell homes in the Monmouth County area for years.

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