Open Houses | Are they worth it?

Cori Dunphy
Published on October 28, 2019

Open Houses | Are they worth it?

Are open houses really worth?  That’s what I’m talking about today, let’s get started.

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Are open houses really worth it? 

 Well that’s a tricky question and there isn’t really one easy clear cut answer.   Stay tuned to the end of the video and I’ll give a quick link to how to prepare for an open house if you decide that an open house is necessary.

So, If the goal of your open house is to get serious qualified buyers into your home,  it’s probably not the best method.

But Why?

 Well, chances are qualified, serious home buyers are already working with a licensed real estate agent.  They have already seen your house in the mls or on Zillow or trulia. If they truly want to see your home, they are going to contract their agent and schedule a showing.  The people who are probably walking into your house, have just started the process of looking for a home. They may have no idea what they can or can’t afford and really just wanted to spend a few hours on a Sat or Sunday driving around seeing what was out there and figuring out if they really want to move.

When are open houses usually done?

 Most of the time, an open house is done when a home is just listed.  It’s meant to showcase a brand new listing. So who does that house primarily attract? From my experience it attracts 2 types of people.  

It attracts your nosey neighbors who have been dying to get inside your house and take a peek.  

Or like I mentioned

People just starting their home search who are not qualified to buy yet, and have no idea what they can afford

As a realtor I personally don’t think it’s the most effective  way to spend my time trying to get your home sold.  

I prefer to be sure you are showcased on all social media platforms, videos have been taken and are getting views , ads are on facebook or instagram.  My primary job as a realtor is to market your home the very best way that I can. And did you know 98% of home buyers begin their search online? While at the same time, the national board of realtors stated that only 5% of homes are really sold during an open house!

So why do agents agree to do an open house and even like to do open houses?  Well there’s a simple answer. To attract and capture more buyers. When buyers come in and say they aren’t working with an agent, it’s an opportunity for us.  Even if the buyer doesn’t love the open house they just walked into, maybe you could schedule a time to show them other houses. Hmmmmmmmm. Instant new client for the realtor!

Open houses can be successful for the agents holding the open house, but is it a great way to get your home sold?  Was it worth you cleaning and preparing and being out of you home for 3 – 4 hours during the open house? I”m going to say not really.  

Okay, listen, there is no harm in doing an open house.  Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones. If you have your heart set on an open house, just talk to your agent.  I”m sure they’ll do one for you. Our jobs as agents are to work for our clients, in this case the seller, and most of the time if the seller insists on an open house, an agent like myself will do one.

 I mean I know I have personally met many past and present clients while doing an open, so again, it’s great for me, I’m just not sure it’s so great for you the seller!

If you want a few tips that can truly help your home get ready to be put on the market take a peek at some of the other videos on my channel.  They just may help you get your home ready to be sold and sold quickly!

Do me a favor and drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts on an open house.  Would you want one as a seller and do you visit many of them as a buyer? Don’t forget to snag your free guide to preparing your home for an open house should you choose to have one!

Thanks so much for watching this week and I’ll see you next week!


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