Moving to Monmouth County NJ? 12 Reasons why you should!

Cori Dunphy
Published on June 12, 2019

Moving to Monmouth County NJ? 12 Reasons why you should!

Moving to the gorgeous area of Monmouth County contains a variety of noteworthy benefits. Therefore, if you or someone you know has a specific agenda to settle down in a kid-friendly environment with famous beaches, parks, and more, this area is a specific location with countless specialities to offer. As a resident of Monmouth County my entire life, I have come to observe the intriguing attributes to this environment, for instance, the famous beaches. Just one example is Pier Village, which not only obtains an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, but is home to numerous amazing restaurants and shopping locations.

Although this reason is especially desirable, it is only one of many that contributes to the rewards of moving to such a phenomenal place. Determining only ten reasons why moving to Monmouth County should be on your radar is an extremely difficult process. That being said, these details should be more than enough information to make you, or someone you know, make the bold decision to settle down and experience the beauties of such a well known, life-changing county. Let’s get started, shall we? Keep in mind, these are in NO specific order….. but I will tell you, #1 is my favorite reason of all!

1. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches.

As I stated previously, Monmouth County is literally known for their gorgeous beaches. From Avon, to Belmar, from Long Branch to Sandy Hook. As well as all the beaches in between, the amazing experiences are endless, and perfect for family trips and adventures. Even if you’re not an ocean lover, these beaches are home to delicious restaurants and appealing shops that make the time spent even more exciting, especially since the trip is only 20-30 minutes depending on your location within the county. That being said, time is just another attribute to the Monmouth county location when traveling to our amazing beaches. Sitting in the car for only a small portion of time means spending hours on the beach with friends and family without the annoying thought that home is extremely far away. By moving to Monmouth County, visiting the beach is a super easy, yet fun experience that makes the carefree summertime even more exceptional and worry free. There are SO many beaches and “beach towns” to explore. That my friends is a whole different article on it’s own. So stay tuned for when I feature the best beaches and shore towns in Monmouth County!

2. Kid-friendly Parks

Not only is Monmouth County a perfect beach location, but the vast open areas within the county make moving here an even more desirable plan. Perfect for settling down in a kid friendly area, Monmouth County is home to a surplus of recreational parks. For example, Holmdel Park is a 566 acre park with a jam-packed agenda of activities to pursue during every season. In the winter, sledding down the huge hills and participating in snowball fights complete long frigid days and make the freezing weather more bearable. During the summer, football catches and dog walks are a part of the daily routine, especially because the environment is so welcoming and relaxed. Raising children in Monmouth county is not a difficult task being that the beautiful and kid-friendly parks aid the already simple decision which involves moving to a spectacular county. Did you know that the Monmouth County Park System is one of the largest and best in the country? Well it sure is. That is why I”ll be having an entire article and youtube video dedicated the Park System in the upcoming months. Monmouth County Parks offer something for EVERYONE. I mean how can there NOT be? You have 30 Parks in Monmouth County to choose from!

3. Golf Courses and Country Clubs, of course!

When observing the pros of moving to Monmouth County, many people overlook a significant aspect that makes this location the complete package. Our golf courses and country clubs are perfect for families all over the county that enjoy golfing, spending time with loved ones, relaxing outside in the summer, etc. Battleground country club, for example, is home to perfect dining, golfing, and relaxation opportunities throughout every season. Battleground’s 18 hole course is phenomenal for outdoor experiences and corresponds with the pavilion patio to provide a desirable ambiance. However, this location is only one of many within Monmouth County that give Monmouth a notable reputation. Belonging to one of our clubs also ensures that making new friends in the community is simple and enjoyable. Moving to a new environment is especially difficult, but this county makes new experiences extremely accessible.

4. Our notable education System.


Monmouth County’s wonderful school system is the cherry on top to the already desirable, kid friendly environment. The schools in Monmouth County (K-12) provide excellent programs that shape the way your child
learns and thinks based on their primary interests. For example, if you have children going into high school that are interested in humanities, for example, Howell High school has a specific program dedicated to learning and engaging in humanities related topics. At the elementary level, students are guided at a young age to flourish and become the best versions of themselves in order to thrive as they develop and provide for their community. Throughout the middle school years, as the intensity of learning slightly increases, teachers and aids are specifically trained to prepare your child for high school and the process of moving up and bettering themselves.

5. Desirable housing prices


Moving to Monmouth County, NJ, is obviously a spectacular choice based on the preceding reasons. Although there are certain areas in this County with exorbitant prices (depending on your budget), Monmouth County has numerous price ranges to offer that will always accommodate to your monetary preference. In addition, Monmouth County is relatively close to New York City and other significant commute locations. Therefore, the pricey range is essentially worth it solely because of the desirable commute duration. Living in Monmouth county also ensures that you will be at a close distance from the beautiful beaches that were described above. The median home value in Monmouth County is now $427,900, and predictions state that it will go up 4.4% within the next year. With that being said, there are obviously prices above and below that median which contribute to numerous people making the wise decision to live in the area.

6. Proximity to Airports

Lars_Nissen_Photoart / Pixabay

In addition to the fact that moving to Monmouth County is a spectacular commute to the city, it would also ensure that getting to the airport is an easy process. This aspect is especially important to consider when changing the location of your home, specifically if your job requires excessive traveling. Not only is Monmouth county very close to Newark Airport, but the distance from JFK and Laguardia is also relatively easy and
indicates that finding an airport in close proximity is the least of your worries. Also, every major airline can be found within these locations. Since you will be flying from a main airport, this means that the prices of flights will be slightly cheaper because there are typically no connecting flights that will be involved. Traffic is also a major component, and this will not be a worry under any circumstance, especially when traveling to Newark airport which is undeniably convenient.

7. Who doesn’t love sporting events?

LAWJR / Pixabay

In addition to the numerous other specialties of Monmouth County that I mentioned, professional sporting events make this area the complete package. Since Monmouth County is virtually only an hour train ride away from New York City, numerous events are simply within reach. For instance, if you’re a baseball fan, hop on the NJ transit and visit Yankee Stadium. If football is your favorite, the Giants play within a doable proximity that ultimately makes Monmouth County extremely desirable. Even the New York Knicks (regardless of their tragic season) have so much to offer in regard to experiencing a fun night out in the city. Professional sports games is an amazing way to embrace the availability Monmouth County has to offer. Even if you’re not necessarily into this specific environment, visiting a game with a friend or perhaps a significant other is a simple way to enjoy yourself and engage with the people you love.

8. Shop til you drop!

Outlets, shopping centers, you name it. Monmouth County is home to a plethora of shopping experiences that make living here especially convenient. Forget the fact that New York City, an amazing shopping experience, is only a train ride away, Monmouth County has A LOT to offer. For example, long branch beach, accentuated with a marvelous atmosphere, contains a beautiful shopping area with an overzealous variety of stores to choose from. Even the mall in Freehold offers an extreme
selection. Nordstroms, Lord and Taylor, Adidas, and the list continues. In Monmouth County there is absolutely no need to worry about quickly purchasing a dress or handsome suit for a last minute event. Just hop in the car and drive to any noteworthy location within the area, you’re guaranteed to locate what you’re looking for.

9. NYC – Only a Train Ride Away

The specialties within Monmouth county are just enough to keep one satisfied. However, if you’re in the mood for a famous New York City dinner or perhaps a scenic expedition to Times Square, the commute is not all that bad. From any location in Monmouth County, the trip to the City that never sleeps is easily accessible. In just an hour, you will arrive in a desirable tourist location with no worries about getting home at a reasonable hour. The close proximity to NYC is just one of the many interesting aspects that Monmouth County has to offer. In addition to the shopping and excitement of famous city locations, NYC is a terrific place to work and gain substantial experience. Accessing this important feature is undeniably easy thanks to Monmouth County’s noteworthy location.

10. A Foodie’s favorite place


Shore points, local restaurants, and marvelous ambiances perfectly describes Monmouth County’s eateries. Whether you’re going for something casual, or you’re in the mood for a fancy date night consisting of steak and seafood, you will never go wrong in this location. Hop in your car and take a trip to the Jersey Shore. Belmar, for instance, has countless options involving fresh fish from the local waters. Mcloone’s in Long Branch Beach consists of the perfect scenery to enjoy while you devour a meal of your choice. Not only do these restaurants have numerous aspects to offer, local, casual places should not be underestimated. Wherever you live in Monmouth County, you are guaranteed to pick up a stellar meal within your price range. For a fancy night, head to Downtown Red Bank and take a stroll while admiring the shops and adorable boutiques before a classy meal. Clearly, Monmouth County does not hesitate to capture every craving.

11. Fabulous Commute

Commuting to a job in the City or even Philadelphia can be an extreme hassle depending on where you live. Some take two trains, a car and a train, or numerous other difficult methods of transportation that make getting to your workplace super miserable. However, in Monmouth County, commuting to these popular work locations is worry-free. As I stated previously, the proximity to NYC is wonderfully simple. Typically people with jobs in large cities sit on a train for hours, dreading the weekdays and the hectic traveling situation. From Monmouth County, buses, trains, and even utilizing your own car are three options that heavily increase one’s desire to make the commute. There is no longer a need to turn down a beneficial job simply because the commute is too long and grueling. From this beautiful area, there is no need to stress.

12. Truly a beautiful place

Clearly, there are so many significant reasons that make moving to Monmouth County desirable. But one specific attribute is the fact that Monmouth County is absolutely stunning. When most people think of the Jersey Shore, they assume the worst. Snooki, Pauly D… not a great reputation. However, take a trip to Navesink marina in Sea Bright. Observe the beautiful, scenic atmosphere and the multiple restaurants lined up upon the water. If that does not make you want to move, I don’t know what will. Or for instance, spend a day at Pier Village. Grab a bite to eat, set up a towel by the beach, and enjoy the environment of New Jersey’s paradise. Even small towns, such as Colts Neck, Marlboro, and Rumson have so much to offer. The beautiful homes, backyards, and terrific school systems pave the way for perfection, and create a perfect location to reside in. Without a doubt, Monmouth County has so much to offer, but one thing that catches everyone’s eye is a picturesque scene, and this area certainly captures that idea.

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