Leaving New Jersey | Where is Everybody Going | Episode 2

Cori Dunphy
Published on February 8, 2021

Leaving New Jersey | Where is Everybody Going | Episode 2

As many of you know, a lot of people are packing it in and leaving New Jersey. But where are they going? Stick Around.

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Leaving New Jersey but where are they going?

Welcome back everybody to week two in my new series ” WHERE’S EVERYBODY GOING”. Last week we took a visit down to Savannah, Georgia with Karin Carr. Who wouldn’t want to live there, especially after she shared some of the reasons so many people are heading that way.

I’d probably pack it in and head down there today if i could. If you missed that video you may want to take a peek after this one is over. This week we’re heading down south again but we’re down south?

We’re heading down to North Carolina as we explore the ” Triangle Area”. So let’s chat with Colleen Smith and see what kind of information she can share about her area. Today i’m going to talk to you about some of the top reasons that people are moving to the Triange Area. Now i’m sure you’ve all heard of Raleigh before but there are many cities that are surrounding Raleigh that you probably have never even heard of.


Now one of the top reasons that people are moving to this area is the cost of living is more affordable. We have homes that are priced anywhere from the mid $200,000’s all the way to up to over a million dollars. Here is a map of the raleigh area and you can see four different cities that I have circled in red. Now i’m just going to show you 4 homes in these 4 different parts of the triangle ,just so you have an idea. This is the house in Wake Forest. It’s a five bedroom about 3,000 square feet and it is $425,000.

Now in Clayton, now remember Clayton is to the southeast of Raleigh. This home is a 5 bedroom about 2,800 square feet and it is $372000. And then we have the home in Apex. It’s a 4 bedroom 3,000 square feet and it’s $485,000. And finally Anger, which is the smaller city. This is a three bedroom about 2,200 square feet and it’s $265,000. So hopefully this gives you a little bit of an idea of some of the homes that you can find out here in this area.


So the 2nd reason that people are moving to this area is the Weather.It’s such gorgeous weather here. Now in the summertime there may be a couple days where it’s a little bit hot but really it’s not too bad. And if you’re coming from up north and you heard about our winters and if we get a snowflake or two how the schools shut down. Well it’s absolutely true. And i’m gonna tell you what, the kids have such a blast in the snow even if it’s only half an inch. They get so super excited, it is so amazing to watch.


So reason number 3 that people are moving to the area is job opportunities. Now you may have heard of Research Triangle Park. Now RTP is the largest research park in the united states. It’s home to over 500 companies. Some of those companies are: IBM ,Glaxosmithkline, there’s Cisco Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Fidelity investments , Biogen. So when you know searching for a home, take into consideration where you’ll be working and what your commute will be like.


So reason number 4 that people are moving here is the proximity to the beach and the mountains. Now the closest beach is Wrightsville beach and that’s just about a little over two hours away . There’s many times Ive just taken a day trip to that beach. we have other great beaches here . We have Atlantic beach, Holden beach, Emerald Isle. People do seem to have their favorites. If you want to go to myrtle beach that’s about three hours away now if you want to go to the mountains that’s about a three to four hour drive a lot of people during the fall they’ll go up to the blue ridge mountains it’s such a scenic drive it’s really beautiful in the winter time. If you want to go skiing or snow tubing you can head up to the mountains. So the 5th reason that people are looking to move to the Triangle Area is our greenways. Our parks and just anything you want to do outside, we have it here. One of my favorite things to do is go biking on the American Tobacco Trail. Now here I am with my kids and we just biked about 10 miles. Some of it is paved and it is mostly flat. Now if you’re looking to do mountain biking or going to a skate park or you want to take your dog to the dog park or if you want to do kayaking or maybe you own a boat, all of those things are in this area. We have some great lakes. There’s falls lake there’s Jordan lake and Harris lake. So if that is one of the things you enjoy doing is being outside, definitely come check out the Triangle Area, and if you have any other questions about living here or you’re thinking about moving just give me a call at 919-225-0463 and this is Colleen Smith with Raleigh Dream Houses by Triangle Home Team Realty.


Thank you so much for joining me again this week. I’ll be back each and every monday for the next few weeks highlighting different areas around the country that many New Jerseyans are choosing to relocate to. I’ll also give you information on a top-notch real estate agent in that area just in case you’re thinking, “Maybe I want to live there too”. See you then!

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