Buyer Final Walk Through

Cori Dunphy
Published on January 12, 2020

Buyer Final Walk Through

An often over looked and very  important step in purchasing a home is the buyers final walk through.  What is it, when do you do it and why is it important? That’s what I’m talking about today, let’s get started!

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What happens after you close on a home?  It’s all yours. Let’s be sure you are protected and the way you do that is by doing a final walk through.  

So it’s closing day.  The big day has finally come.  Chances are you’re excited and a little bit all over the place.  ( I know I was). So many things are going on at the same time. You do not want to overlook the buyers walk through.  And, you want to do this carefully taking your time. Stay tuned for the next few minutes and I’ll give you an option to download your own checklist to bring with you on your final walk through!

What is a final walk through?  It’s not a home inspection, but it does occur a few hours before you close. It is your final chance to see the property before you become the owner.  The purpose of this walk through is to ensure that the property you are buying is in the same condition as when you made your offer. With the improvements that you may have agreed upon during your review period!

If the home you are purchasing has been vacant for awhile, you really want to pay close close attention to things such as your plumbing and or heating.  

Things to bring with you.

There are a few things that I think you should bring with you to your walk through.

  • A copy of your contract so you can refer to it if you have any questions about what is supposed to stay with the home and what items were supposed to be removed
  • A copy of the home inspection report so you can have it for reference
  • A copy of all items that were to be fixed or replaced.  This is very important. You want to be sure all items that were agreed upon where fixed or replaced
  • Cell phone and charger, (i’ll explain this soon)

A few Additional tips to get you through your walk through

  • Give yourself enough time.  You want to have time to address any issues that may arise.  You don’t want to feel rushed at all so planning ahead is extremely important.
  • Be sure all repairs that were supposed to be done were handled
  • Make sure all items that were supposed to be left in the house are still there and in working condition

These next steps are very important

  1. Test all electrical systems.  Check the heat and AC no matter what the temperature
  1. Check all plumbing.  Literally turn on all sinks, showers, tubs.  Be sure water is running. Flush all toilets and be sure the house has hot and cold water.
  1. Be sure all windows and doors are working.  Doors lock and windows open with ease.
  1. Bring your cell phone WITH charger.  This way you can check to be sure all outlets work by simply plugging in your phone.
  1. Check to be sure basement and attic space are empty OR in the condition they are supposed to be in as per your original agreement.
  1. Check to be sure closets, cabinets and appliances are empty
  1. Don’t forget to check the garage
  1. Be prepared for a surprise.  There will be marks in the walls where items were hanging, window coverings may be gone, area rugs may have hidden some imperfections on the floor.  Expect these things to happen, it’s normal.

Please remember doing a final walk through is always in your best interest.  It is not a time for final negotiations, it’s not a time to ask for something to be repaired that you didn’t originally ask for.  The buyers final walk through is simply to make sure the home is in the same condition as it was when you made the offer on the house plus all repairs you asked for in your initial request were taken care of!

Thank you again for joining me this weekend.  Take a peek in the description box (or here) and download your free guide to your final walk through.  If you need my help with anything real estate or Monmouth County related,  drop a comment below or send me an email at 

I’d be happy to answer all your questions!

I will see YOU, next Monday!

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