Things to do while in Quarantine for Spring Break!

Cori Dunphy
Published on April 13, 2020

Things to do while in Quarantine for Spring Break!

Spring break is just around the corner and you know what that means?  It means now we are stuck at home during the quarantine and the kids will literally have nothing to do being that school is “off” for the week.

Hey everyone it’s Cori a proud Marlboro resident and your local REALTOR® Monmouth County Dream Homes Powered by RE/MAX Central.  

I am here each and every monday talking about all things Real Estate and Monmouth County, but this week I want to change it up a bit and talk about what we can do as parents with our children to keep them occupied and safe during spring break 2020.

It’s time to start planning some things to do while stuck at home.   Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! In this post I’m going to share 10 kid friendly activities your family can enjoy right from the comforts of your own home!

Also, at the end of this post I’ll give you access to my free guide of ’10 Things to do in Monmouth County’.  Because well, when this is all over, we’ll all be looking for things to do. I love living and working in Monmouth County , and I’m a little bit obsessed with sharing everything it has to offer, so stick around!

I am all about keeping my videos short and sweet, so we are going to go through these 10 activities fairly quickly.  That being said, if you want more information like pricing, hours, and more, you can simply click the corresponding links.  Let’s jump in!

#1 Go Camping in the living room

Are the kids getting restless and tired of the same old routine day after day?  Why not let them go on a camping adventure? Let’s start with the most important part of a camping trip.  THE TENT. Get a little creative here. If you really do have a tent you can set up in the living room that’s amazing.  But you can also move around some furniture, sofas or chairs and throw blankets over the top.  

Let them bring in their favorite pillows and blankets?  Have a laptop or ipad? Download their favorite movie and pass them a bowl of popcorn to enjoy.  Don’t forget flashlights for trips to the bathroom at night!

#2 Scavenger Hunt

There are a ton of downloads or ideas right online for items to look for during a scavenger hunt.  But how do you plan the perfect scavenger hunt? If you are a fan of pinterest, head over there, they have some fantastic ideas, but here are the basic steps!

Step 1: Choose a Theme. 

Step 2: Write Out Clues. Make these as fun as possible!

Step 3: Place Clues Around the House. 

Step 4: Have a ton of fun!

#3 Make a family tree

You’re stuck at home anyway, why not take some time for your children to learn all about the family and the history of where you call originated?  

Step 1: Start with what you already know.  Write down together family members that you know of

Step 2: Make a few calls to see what additional information yu can find

Step 3: Find poster board or paper so you can draw the tree and branches

Step 4: Cut out the leaves

Step 5: Label and attach the leaves with glue or tape

#4 Bake a cake or cookies

Take a look in the pantry.  I’m sure you have cake mixes or some cookie mix.  This is the perfect time to do some baking. Set up a tripod with your cell phone, or prop your cell phone up against something and record.  You can start your very own bake show!

#5 Make a Time Capsule

Okay this can be SO much fun while you’re stuck at home.  You can really do anything you want but here are a few ideas you can follow:

1. Choose Your Container

First you’ll have to choose a container in which to store all your goodies. Have you kids pick out the box.  If you don’t have a box you can use an empty Jar or coffee tin. Anything you have laying around the house.  

2. Determine Where You’ll Store It

This part is fun.  Everyone should give their ideas and together you can decide what idea is best.  You can hide your capsule in a storage closet Or maybe a basement crawl space or an attic.  Be creative. You want to hide it somewhere where nobody will find it!

If you are going to hide your time capsule outdoors, use a weatherproof container! Maybe you can bury it in a garden. 

3. Decorate  the Outside of Your Time Capsule

Get creative and have fun.  Use pictures from magazines, or pictures you draw.  Decorate as much or as little as you’d like!

Click here for a bunch of printables from Personal Creations that you can use with your time capsule!

So there you have it, 5 kid approved things to do while your stuck home, literally, this Spring Break.  I would absolutely love it if you could leave a comment with YOUR favorite family activity during this period of quarantine.   This way we can share even more of the amazing things that we can do with our kids. 

Last but not least, if you are looking for things to do with the kids when this corona virus is finally over, Check out my guide of fun things to do with kids in Monmouth County.    Here is a link so make sure you grab your copy!

See YOU, next Monday!

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