Marlboro Launches School Security Reporting Citizens Initiative

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik

Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik and Police Chief Bruce Hall yesterday launched a campaign, ‘See Something. Say Something. ® We will Do Something’ to encourage citizens to report unusual and suspicious behavior.  They hope that citizen reporting will be an integral part of school security in the Township.

“We are asking residents to be an active partner in the safety of our schools. If you see something on Social Media, hear something, see something out of place, or someone’s behavior doesn’t seem quite right, make that call,” Hornik said in his announcement. “The Citizen Reporting Initiative encourages citizens to be additional eyes and ears in our multi-pronged approach to school security. We ask that you make the report, even anonymously, to the authorities. We would rather that the event be deemed not-credible than to never receive the report.”

“In response to the recent tragedies occurring across the United States, the Marlboro Township Police Department is empowering our residents and visitors to report suspicious activity in and around our community,” Chief Hall said. “The reporting of suspicious activity is an important component for law enforcement in the fight against preventing tragedies in and around our community.”

A key part if the campaign is a flyer that will be posted on the Township website, Police Department website, Social Media sites and that is being sent to all Marlboro schools.  The flyer lists phone numbers and websites for residents to use to report behavior that “that is out of place, looks wrong, feels wrong.”  “DO NOT REPORT INCIDENTS THRU SOCIAL MEDIA….it is not monitored 24/7,” the flyer warns.