Consider the location prior to purchasing a new home | Marlboro NJ

Cori Dunphy
Published on July 17, 2021

Consider the location prior to purchasing a new home | Marlboro NJ

The location of a new home is very important. It does not only determine a single property’s value but the homeowner’s enjoyment of the home as well.

It is so important that the whole real estate industry harps on it. Multiple factors should be considered before buying a new house, the preference being the biggest one.

For instance, if you like a peaceful and serene area, refrain from buying a home situated in a big city, an airport, or railroad tracks. If you have an area that you want to visit often then consider the distance that would give you enough convenience without sacrificing your other preference. Something like the Marlboro area might be perfect for you.

We know how easy it is to like a home without considering the location. So here are three things for you to consider and help you before you sign on the dotted line of that purchase agreement.

1. “No homes near the location?”

As attractive as it may be, it is probably worth the research before considering it. If the land is not a government set-aside (meaning that it’s privately owned), then it would be better if you do some research on what developments are planned for that area.

A few years back, the homeowners of a peaceful, 25-year-old Minneapolis suburb were shocked to find out that the open lot near to their home was zoned to be developed commercially.

They learned about this shocking news while reading the news report that the city approved the construction of a superstore directly across the street from the subdivision’s entrance.

Imagine living in the area after the store’s completion. The amount of noise coming from the traffic, the huge trucks making deliveries in the middle of the night, and glaring parking lot lights pouring through their windows.

The lesson here? Do your research of all the vacant lots in the vicinity of the home you have your eye on. The town of Marlboro has it’s own site that you can check out. Click here:

2. Is the neighborhood nice?

If the house that you are eying on is the only presentable house in the neighborhood, you may want to think twice about it.

The condition of the surrounding homes has a great impact on the value of all of them. If the nearby homes have trashy yards or unpresentable paint that would drag the value down of the other houses nearby.

Then there are the bigger impacts/factors on nearby home values. These include homes near:

  • Foreclosed homes
  • Power plants
  • Funeral homes
  • City dump
  • Noise pollution
  • Sex offenders
  • Poor-performing schools

When you tour a home that you’re interested in, drive through the neighborhood at different times of the day, weekdays, and weekends.

Then, try to drive around the area surrounding the neighborhood to check for anything that may impact the home’s value now and down the road when you sell. This would include railroad tracks, airport noise, dumps, etc.

3. Crime rates

This applies to all but it is more important to a single woman or a family with children, checking the area’s crime rates is critical. Even the most appealing neighborhoods could be in high-crime areas.

You can find crime statistics online at various websites. Neighborhood Scout offers reports for a fee. Also, many police departments offer them for free, online.

The United States Department of Justice offers, at no charge, a way to search for sexual predators on its National Sex Offender Public Website.

Knowledge is power, most especially when shopping for a home. Ensuring that the location of a new home fits your needs and desires is part of your due diligence. Neglect it, and you may be sorry.

Thinking maybe Marlboro is the right area for you? I’d be happy to help you call Marlboro your new home.

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